Why I still go to the movie theatre?

Why I still go to the movie theatre?

What is it about sitting in a dark movie theatre for 1.5 – 3 hours surround by hundreds of strangers that makes the movie so much better?

Most would say it’s because of the size of the screen – right?
I had a friend once say that if you take the dimensions of what our eyes actually see on the big screen and compare it to the same dimensions of what we see looking at an iPad… the movie on the iPad is actually bigger. Technically speaking, I think he was right.

Still others would say it’s because of the sound. I think 7.1 Surround is the standard in most theaters now. But you can get that with a good home stereo from Best Buy. Every major movie that comes out on Blu-ray or DVD is processed with Dolby, THX, or other professional software. Shoot – even little indie projects sold only on Amazon have access to these tools.

It’s definitely not the expensive popcorn or candy or hotdogs or nachos or Icees or pretzels or burgers or pizzas or any of the millions of other ever-growing options at the concession stand.

For me – the cinema is one of the last places on earth that I can go where all the other distractions of life are held at bay. They remind constantly remind you before the show beings to turn of your phone, to not chat with the friend sitting next to you, to not be rude, to tell your baby to stop crying, etc. etc. etc. (Why people take babies to movies is beyond comprehension…. but I digress.)

Life is unbelievably busy and cluttered and stressful. So it’s refreshing to find a place where you are expected to do only one thing. When it comes to movies, I am determined to do that one thing well!

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