The Film Score

The Film Score

The film score is the musical arrangement orchestrated by the composer that creates the mood of the entire movie. It is comprised of themes. Themes are the melodic ideas that typically reoccur through the film. These reoccurring melodies help the audience know where they are, which characters are in control of the moment, and whether to relax or to anticipate a change. Music has the power to move us… to exhilarate… to traumatize…┬áto shake us to our very core.

When I sit down to write, I sometime spend a good twenty to thirty minutes looking for the right track. When I am on set directing, I use music to help the actors find the right pace and emotion for certain scenes. Setting the mood for my creative endeavors is paramount. It is far too easy to be swept off down a magical rabbit hole to nowhere. Especially if you listen to the wrong Pied Piper. The slightest change in pace or tone can drastically change the outcome of my script or blog post or movie. The job of the composer is to funnel the tremendous power at his or her disposal – pointing it strategically where the director wants it focused. Like Uncle Ben so notably said to Peter Parker… “With great power comes great responsibility.”

I tip my hat to all the amazing composers out there. Your craftsmanship is a delight to movie lovers the world over.

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