So you want to know how Instagram changed my life? Alright! I’ll tell you, but first I need to give you a little of the back-story. Just keep reading. I promise the answer is in there.

I have had several epiphanies over the past few months. I am now 33 years old… almost 34. I no longer feel the same as I did when I was thirty or thirty one. Ok – or thirty two either. I used to work all day and all night. My will power alone was enough to help me plow through whatever obstacles were standing in my way. (The results of all that hard work would tell you other wise.) Especially before the housing market crashed, I felt invincible. See my family and friends walking through such difficult times changed me. The world that once turned relentlessly and with veracity grounded to a haul. My life no longer made since.

Image from 'How Instagram Changed My Life'I was trained for the rat race. Trained by life, well meaning teachers, even the people closest to me that hard work was enough. If you set your mind to anything, you can accomplish it. Don’t get me wrong – I still believe in hard work, but it is only one of the components that makes life work. I was out of balance… which explains why I could never seem to get any traction.

I have always been a slow adopter to social media for some reason. When facebook first came out, all my friends were raving about it. I was still on myspace. Before that – I was just getting started with Xanga when everyone else was moving past it. A sudden wave of intense shame just came over me. Oh well! I am now in a unique position where I need social media. I see the value of it, so I am ramping up my efforts as fast as I can to connect with as many people as possible. But the idea of constantly being on… being available and transparent before the world at large – that is stressful. I am more than a rat who performs for cheese. Or maybe a better way to put it, I am more than a rat who trades his goods and services to get your cheese.

A few weeks ago, I remember telling a friend that I had absolutely no desire to be on Instagram. Ha! What a dope! I can’t remember what changed my mind, but now that I gave it a chance, it changed my life. How could Instagram change your life? – you might ask. It changed my entire paradigm of how life works. I used to hoard my creativity… afraid that I would not have enough for the big projects, my dreams, the things that really matter. Taking random pictures of my dog or my kids – pictures of every day life was a waste of time – according to old me. Now I’ve seen the light. The simple lessons that I guess I didn’t fully learn as a kid have come home to roost.

Every muscle has to be conditioned in order to work properly. The mind, the body, the spirit – they need to be used regularly or they will get flabby and become completely useless when you need them. And creativity is no different. By taking little creative breaks (using Instagram, this blog, all the myriad of other useful tools we have at our disposal), I am finding that my creative energy is increasing. The more I exercise, the more I feel like being active. The more often I pray or worship, the more I feel God’s presence and have the power to do His will. The more I write, the more I want to write. The more I dream of the impossible, the more real those worlds become.

I am now working on developing new habits. Eating breakfast, a 10 o’clock snack, lunch, 3 o’clock snack, and then dinner. (I can no longer ignore the fact that my body needs fuel to run). Praying and worshiping as often as I can. Writing every day. Most importantly – Living for today, because tomorrow may never come!

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