5 Youtube Channels For Beginner Filmmakers

5 Youtube Channels For Beginner Filmmakers

I put together a quick list for beginner filmmakers for some of my favorite Youtube channels that I have followed over the years. They talk about everything from directing to cinematography to post production and everything in between. I am sure there are other useful channels out there, but I personally appreciate the way these channel creators take a down to earth approach. They do a great job of demystifying every aspect of the filmmaking process. The following are listed in no particular order, and the videos I have selected don’t necessarily represent the channels as a whole. Do yourself a favor and be sure to visit each of the channels.

 Film Riot


Host: Ryan Connolly

The Slanted Lens


Host: J.P. Morgan

RocketJump Film School


Host: Various



Host: Simon Cade



Host: Jason J. Tomaric

*These videos are dated but have tons of valuable information.


If you’ve found these links helpful, please let us know. And if you follow channels that you think are better, leave a comment below.












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